2014 Beginner and Intermediate Navigation Clinic

Learn the basics of navigating with map and compass from a national orienteering champion, with hands-on practice at this navigation clinic in Woodland Park in Seattle, WA. Our unique class provides numerous opportunities to practice each skill we teach and focuses on practical navigation skills over abstract and easily forgotten concepts.
While less rugged than our navigation race venues, Woodland Park has several features that make it an ideal learning venue: a convenient and compact area, easily passable forest, a variety of contour features, a highly accurate map, and above all, a safe place to experiment and make mistakes.
Whether you’re a hiker, trail runner, or budding navigation racer, our navigation clinics are valuable to anyone wanting to better understand map and compass for backcountry use.
For additional navigation practice, we recommend that you try a Cascade Orienteering Club event, suitable for beginners and experts alike.