2015 Rock Creek Ramble Navigation Race


April 11-12, 2015

Saturday: Navigation Training

Sunday: 4, 7, 10-hour Nav Race

Escure Ranch, Sprague, WA

Fifty checkpoints are marked on a topographic map. How many can you find using only map and compass before time runs out? Checkpoints have varying point values, and it’s up to you (and your team, if you have one) to decide which ones to find. Whoever collects the most points wins! Pace yourself wisely, if you return after the time limit you’ll lose points for every minute you’re late.

An event for casual hikers and endurance junkies alike. Whether you treat it as a hike with a fun twist, an opportunity to test your navigation skills, or a competitive endurance challenge is up to you– all speeds are welcome at MerGeo Nav Races!

Rock Creek Ramble Navigation Race is an annual favorite due to the uniquely spectacular scabland terrain that is both aesthetically fascinating and a joy to navigate. A wandering river and basalt cliffs provide beautiful pockets to explore. Featuring little vegetation or elevation gain, navigators will enjoy great visibility and passability, creating ample opportunities to bee-line across the terrain.

Choose 4, 7, or 10 hours for nav fun. Teams of 2-5 may compete in any race duration, but solo competitors are permitted in the 4 and 7-hour only.

While the open nature of the landscape makes the area more forgiving to less experienced cross-country navigators than a forested area, novices would find this event quite challenging. Some prior navigation experience is recommended. To learn the navigation skills you need, practice your skills at local Cascade Orienteering Club events. While Cascade orienteering events use specialized maps of a different scale than our navigation races, the skills and strategies are similar.

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