Scablands 24-Hour Navigation Race & U.S. Rogaine Championships


24-Hour U.S. Rogaine Championships

with 12-in-24-Hour & 6-Hour Races

Saturday-Sunday, May 29-30, 2021

Sprague, WA

Northwest Nav Races is pleased to be hosting a 24-hour navigation race in the fantastic channeled scablands terrain of eastern Washington State!

This flood-scoured landscape spans tens of thousands of acres of rolling grasslands punctuated with basalt cliffs, channels, and mesas.  Parts of the area are dotted with pine trees and even stands of usually open forest, and much of the area is used for cattle grazing during parts of the year.  The network of trails and roads varies from sparse-to-moderate across the area, and fences are the other major sign of human development throughout the landscape.

The terrain is generally flat to gently sloping in profile and quite easy to run or walk through, however cliffs, lakes and marshes, and streams provide hindrances to straight-line travel in many parts of the terrain.

The area encompasses the existing Fishtrap Lake orienteering map, as well as lands south of Sprague Lake.  The entire area is now covered by high-quality lidar data, and the map will be custom-made from these data, in addition to aerial photos and limited on-the-ground survey.

Are you new to nav racing? That’s okay! Check out the “First Time?” section to learn how it works. Also, a great way to practice is to attend Cascade Orienteering Club‘s events. The club offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced-level courses, plus free beginner instruction before you begin.

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