We’re changing our name!

03.11.19 Written By: Eric Bone
We’re changing our name!

We began putting on navigation races in 2007 using the name of our company, MerGeo, then in 2013 as MerGeo Navigation Races. We’re changing our name again, this time to Northwest Navigation Races (Northwest Nav Races, for short).

Image of 2013 MerGeo Nav Races logo with an arrow indicating a change to the Northwest Nav Races logo

When we adopted the previous name, many of the people who did our events knew us as MerGeo, and we wanted them and everyone else who had heard of MerGeo to know that we were the same organization putting on the events.

Today, most of our longtime participants are familiar with our (MerGeo) Nav Races branding and navraces.com website, and a sizable and growing number of participants are coming to our events from a trail running background or have freshly found our events and are less likely to have heard of MerGeo or to know what it is. Our Northwest Trail Runs trail running events and Street Scramble urban orienteering races don’t use our company name at all, so we decided it was time for our navigation racing events to follow suit.

We’re still the same company and the same team of people organizing the events, and we’re looking forward to starting off our 2019 season next month, as well as unveiling some big plans for 2020 soon!