Rock Creek Ramble Navigation Race Team List

Here is a list of teams registered for the Sunday navigation race, as of midday April 5th.  Some listed members either have not yet registered, have not yet submitted their registration information, or both.  Please let us know of any corrections, or if you are a 10-Hour participant searching for a teammate.

TeamEventTeam SizeCategoryTeam Roster
Rufenacht & Mandelli10-Hour2Masters MenChristoph Rufenacht and Jim Mandelli
Hoda's People10-Hour2Open MixedShannon Cheng and Ethan O'Connor
BRIDA10-Hour2Supervet MenJohn Rance and John Harbuck
PQRs10-Hour2Masters MixedMikhail Pekour and Svetlana Sergueeva
Velns and Kurat10-Hour2Open MenPeteris Ledins and Ott Toomet
Chris Heaney team10-Hour?Open MenChris Heaney
WeighMyRack10-Hour3Open MixedAlison Dennis, Andreas Unterschuetz, and Chris Alley
Lightning Fast10-Hour3Child TeamJackie Bonn, Wade Tokarek, and baby
Better than Zero10-Hour3Open WomenMelissa Kagele, Kate Byers, and Loren Drummond
Mighty Morphin Power Rogainers10-Hour2Open MenPatrick Nuss and Michael Radin
Ropaine Rogaine10-Hour2Masters MixedMichel Roberge and Hilary Anderson
Tortilla Flats10-Hour?Open MenRobin Smith
Team Ames10-Hour?Masters MenPeter Graube
Ruff Rider Raleigh + the Snout Sounds7-Hour1Open WomenKristen Barcheski
Cartofreakettes7-Hour2Masters WomenIng Uhlin and Debbie Newell
Mike Rothmeyer7-Hour1Masters MenMike Rothmeyer
Transatlantic Misdirection7-Hour2Masters MixedAnn Bryan and Samuel Bryan
Borshchetc7-Hour2Open MixedEvgeny Remizov and Maria Remizova
Dew Overs7-Hour4Masters MenDerek Van Alen, Thomas Ott, Jim Probala, and Kelly Spawn
Just Sue7-Hour1Masters WomenSue Kuestner
Team Zookini4-Hour3Masters MixedJennie Zook, Tim Zook, and Molly Zook
Tapir Tantrum4-Hour2Open MixedAmanda Schaffer and Chuck Smith
Driving Mom Mad4-Hour2Open MenTomas Vaisar and David Vaisar
Team EOS4-Hour2Open MixedBethany Rentz and Dan Thrush