Welcome to our new website!

06.09.14 Written By: Rebecca Jensen
Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to MerGeo Nav Races’ new website! We hope that you find that our new design is not only more bold and attractive, but also easier to navigate with some great new features.

Perhaps the most exciting is the addition of the First Time? section, accessible from the menu bar, that lays out how navigation races work for newcomers. Navigation racing is already an intimidating sport, even though it is actually much more accessible than most people think. There’s no reason that lack of information should be another barrier to entry. Everything from intention sheets to punching at controls is covered on the First Time? page, and this section will continue to grow as we create more and more instructional content.

Another fantastic venue for growing content will be our new YouTube channel! You may have already seen some of our videos by our Marketing Manager, Rebecca Jensen, such as her Tietion Basin or Cleman Mountain video. Now you can subscribe to the MerGeo Events YouTube channel to see all the latest MerGeo videos, including new instructional content coming soon!

So take a look around and share our new site with your friends!