2014 Cleman Mountain Navigation Race


Checkpoints are marked on a topographic map. How many can you and your team find using only map and compass before time runs out? Whether you treat it as a leisurely hike or a test of stamina is up to you. The adventure lies in your hands!

Cleman Mountain Navigation Race is a favorite among navigation racers, thanks to its high quality custom map, passable Eastern Washington terrain, and expansive pine scenery.

This year, we are pleased to present Cleman Mountain Navigation Race as a 2-day event, featuring a Precision Compass Course and a Classic Orienteering Course on Saturday, and a 4-hour and 8-hour navigation race (also known as a “rogaine”) on Sunday. To accommodate those with long drives, the 4 and 8-hour event is also available on Saturday.

Are you new to navigation racing?
Could your skills use a refresher? Sign up for our Intro & Intermediate Navigation Clinic on August 24th at Woodland Park! Our unique curriculum features several hands-on practice courses to try each new concept.

Also, read the First Time? section on this website, which will acquaint you with all the details on how nav races work.